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Full text of "A very proper treatise, wherein is briefly sett forthe the arte of limming, which teacheth the order in drawing & tracing of letters, vinets, flowers, armes and imagery ... neuer put in printe before this time"

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in 2013 

Avery proper trea- 

rife, wherein is briefly fettforthe 

thearte of Limming,which teacheth the order 
in ojafotngt tracing of letters,bmets,flotoerg,arme8 
ana 3lmagerp,i tfjc manse fjolu to make funo^ fifes <g 
grounos to laps fitaer o? goloe bppon,ano fjctu uluer o* 
goloe fljalbe lapeo o? Itmmco bppon tbe fife,t tbe foape 
to temper goloe « ftlucr ano other metfales am otucrfe 
fcpn&csof colours tomato ojrfolimme foitbat! bppon 
tjeipm, psrtbement o % paper, « botue to lap tbem bpott 
ibe|?02lG|Mjicb tijou entenoeft to maise 3 f boiue to 
biplg) # jBbeit ibou ball oone,iuitb oiuerfe ofber 
tbiilfes taerp mete i neceffarp to be imottme 
to aft fwcfje ©entlemenne , and otber 
perfonegas ooeoelffe in limming, 
painting 02 in tricfetng of armes 
in tbeir rigbt colons, f tberfo j. 
a tooifee berp mete to be 
aoioineo to the boofeeg 
put in p2inte 
before tbts 


^ rinted at London in Flete 

ftrete within temple Barre at the 

ftgne of tbe!£anoe 1 Carre 


Cum Priuilegio. 

The arte oflimming. FoLij. 

The order of drawing or tracing, 

Bfrft tbou f^alf e ferity apencell of 
blacfeeleao,oa Urit& a cole ttiaoe 
fl)arpeat Hjepopme trace all tbp 
tetters,anD fett tbg bfnetis o; flo* 
| tojes,ano tben tbptmagerp pff* 
totlt make anp.Sno tbe limit t&ou 
ly a fmall pen baatoeal § &afi poj* 
ttw,t\)t make tbp fife on tljis mife 

^}To make a dooble fyfe or bottome to laye or 
fettle filucr 02 goutoe oppon calico an 
emboffeD grouno. 

T0he betwps cereufe, foljtte lcao,t«e plaiffer of an olo 
image 02 cbaltte, anp of tbeafe maoe In fine pouloer, 
ano tbe grouno Usitb tbe glapre of an egge ano a title 
fearer on a painters (tone maketb a gooo bottome to lap 
tittDec filuer.But ioben pon u)all bfe anp of tbem to tape 
fenoer golDr,Doe to pt a title faffren tberemitb to make vt 
fome tobat petlotonllBut bemare pou put not to muctj toa« 
tec tbcrcto,foj tljm Unit pt be oner fceafee, ano pf pou Doe 
ouermucb glapje to pt,tbcn to til pt be oner ttfffe,tberefoj 
minge it after oifcretion, ano ioofee % fife be tbicfee flan 
Dtng,anD fett tbe fife tbus temperco % conereo in a borne 
ojafljelllnfomefellero} fljaDofopo place, 02 tmoer tbe 
eartbe fobere it mape ttao ntopflc bp tbe fpace of btj.oaies 
bntlll it be perfects rlammp f rotten, feucrpe oapeonce 
ttirre it about,! pou ft) all met bnoerftano tljat al tbe fifes 
tbe etoer tfjep be % tbe moje clammp,f rotten tbep be , tfjc 
better they be,fo; all tbe crafte to in melt making « tem> 
pering of tbe fife, ano if ttjere ttano anp belles bppon tbe 
fife, put in care foarcfo; it ps a rcmeop tberefoje,ano be* 
fo;e t-ou lape it on pour U>o;fee,fitft lap tbe fife on a fcroto 

atj. ano o?pe 

The arte oflimming^ 

anD Dspe ft,anb iuljon ft isbjpe , bene it , ano (fit feenD,* 
bjea&enoMbfnfs tt gooD anD petfccte , « tf it fajtaltc put 
thereto a title Umter to mahe it tocaber?anD paoue if it clc 
wtli fail to t fee boc&c , * if it do not , tfjen put glair c ijjcrc 
fe^anDmakc ittnoje fteDfaft* Cbe iifec fife roapc yon 
mafec Uiitb(£!tpfum boole 3rriiontahc,reD oj pellofo oftfc 
ojpfmenr oj mafiicot toitf) bjofone of sbpatne oj totib reD 
lease if euerps of tbem be grouno bp bim fetfe i teroperca 
anD o?BtcD in maner $ fojtne aboue UKlttem 

^tTo make athinne fife or bottome to laye or 
fettle Shier cj golae bppon cailco a fin* 

T06etbcnetD£ OjjeDscf glouers leather 03 of nefoe 
parcbennet foa f bat 10 beft, anD fcctijtljcm f n faire tea 
ter from a quarte to a pime tbat tijc liq-uoj be fooietebat 
ibfcfeeaiiDctammiekttoene pour lingers, tben drains 
tbe liquojf rom tbe igjsDMnb put it being bote in feme 
Hone beffell anD fos toojhe it furtb befeje tt be colD?,&no 
toben pou tap en pour fi!uer 01 gotoe,fce tbat pour fpfe be 
netber to moiff e no? to Djpcvbm in a meane betiuene boil) 
fo; DjcaDe of appapjing pour ta«Ue ♦ SEbe lifce fife titape 
pou tnaUe (tettbout beating fbent at tbe fpjejof glue foa* 
ter tnaoe of parcbemef glue-fa? rbat is befi^ toftb toatcr 
giimsD fometobat f bids tDifb gatnnte arabetfee 0: of gooD 
oioc glatre, 03 fejtrf? tbemtikeof grene figges alone, o? 
Iottbt!)emafeeoffpourge,0jof toartioeDe , 02 teftb tbe 
peltotoe ttiittte-of grene falcnDine, 0; foitb tbe iuce of gar 
Jifeo^ofonponbeaDea 03 tottb ibe fearer anD greafe of 
fnaUeg.tmpponeuerpoftfeefemape pen tape pourleaucs 
offtluero^golDebaufnge regaroe tljat pour grounDe be 
netber to moptte no) fo Djpe,tu|jen pou ^a!I tape 0; fettle 

^}To laye a dqoblc fyfe on letters or vppoii 


The arteoflimming,. Foliij 

<y®uu>atltoitbapcncenntaoeofgrape amps o? talH* 
1 ber iailes lap on $g fgfe fometobat fubff anciailp 03 if 
tbou tout Srft tt)imu ano aftc r tbi<fcer,anD tften-oree tr,f 
tobrtt tsojp toctitlfgbtelp toicbtbp rpettte^f tfeen u)aus 
it toitb a ujarpe fensfc fentili it be cucn tontyrat billes,ano 
pf tbece fall anp oefault tijemn , oj clfe $yi fsrnojc in 
one plate tben in atiotljer,Iapc againe tbP fife on it , . ano 
ojpe it ? engroSfe it as is faiae before t tobe it is engcofft t> 
f maoe plaine ttje batniCbe it toifl) tbe tootfee of a calfcof 
an ere,o2 cf an bejfe tfjat is made tijercfoje flancing in a 
crooi$ebli!cfee,anD toben it is bumtibeo ano 'matt cucn 
ano fining , tben is it reaope to laje on it tbp geloc 02 

€{jTo lay e golde or filuer-on fife. 

Fgrfle cnt tbe leautsof gotoe 0? Glace in peers toitb a 
(barpehmfeoaahmfc matte of a great recce feppen a 
IttlebojoeasbjoaocasafrcncbcrtouercD toitb acalucs 
(bin rapfco 03 fenocrftuffrD toitb toclle 0? Gore 03 elfe fen* 
fiuffeo jtbenfijale tbou toitb a pencell toettc ligljtelp on 
tbp moutbc toettc tbp fpfc,roit be a iitle mopCe>ano tben 
toctte tbp pentell again in tbp mouibe on ibe fame toife, 
anD tcucfee ifep goioe 03 filner fbat tbou bade cult bp a coj 
necIigbteIpc,anolaj?citDntbpCfe,befo3emaDe a little 
mopGe,ano tben tbou (bait tafee tlje taile of an bare > of a 
tonncp 0; a pete of rotten $ ligbtelp p;r(re it cotone on tbp 
fifct toben tbou baGc tbus cone let it Bjie fentill it be tod 
6;feD> tben burntfi)clt:fojtf tben fl&a!i buniiSje it toett 
tbou (bait mbbe of ail , ano toben it is toell Djieo , take 
tbe tuffte tbat tbou ooGe bur mOje toitb ano type ft f beat 
it toell on f Ijy t belie, tben burmu)c tbp goloe firft foffelp, 
nnb tben barber fentill tt (bine, but burniflje it net once 
longe, fo; ojcaoe of apparingc. SnD toben tboubafle 
toell lwn(u)eoiMbenta!sc a totfte foolicn tlotbeojan 

&t& bares 

The arte o/limming. 

bares foofe,ano rub alt afciape,faueft U>bfcb tie uctb to 
tbe fife,f tfcfjer be anp place faltfcfo tbat tfje golbe fade 
foj o;penes of tbe fpfe,tbcn foctt it agafne ano lape on t&e 
goloe,* o;jje ft ano burnt fy it as sou did befoje. 

^[To make gumme water to temper 
colours luftb all. 

2"&&e dene foaler,? Do if in a bedell % put tberef o a po;* 
cion of gume arabetfce « let it fiano until tbe gume be 
foellocfolueof molten in tbe foater, butloofeeitbenot 
oner tbfefee of gume, fo; tben it is eufll to too;be toitb , f 
if it be to rtjtnne of gome tben mill t^e coloure faoe % fall 
of,tberefo;e hepe a meane f temper tbpeoloutes tbereliS, 
Not* fuco as it ferueib fo; bcu\$ote tbe bell gume is clere ano 
bitt tie $ in Camping tr,it becometb pouoet eafcig tof tbcut 

5[To make glaire for the likepurpofe. 

TSfcetbefobpfeofnciue laioeeggcs asmanp as poa 
thinks gooD,ano ttraine tbem tb:ougbe a linne clotbe 
fo take out tbe cache treaDtngs,tbe put tbem in a otflj 
ano to;fnge tbe tbougb a fponge a j a lubfte toolie clotbe 
fcnttll tbrp be as tbinne as mater, tben toafijc tbe fponge 
o; clotbe t of pe it. 3no put tbe glaire to tbufeafojefatoe in 
afionepoltojaglaffefafteftoppeOjanofpenD it asfoone 
aspoucan,fc2pttmll not Repeabouctb?ecDapes,but fc 
feji baue an ill fauoj ercepte rijcp be o$creD as foletocttj. 

«[]To kepe whites of egges as longe as you wil 

tuitbout corrupting o: putting of arfentcfee 

to tbem. 

Hr^fee tbe tubites of egges not bjeamng tbem in anpe 

toffe rbttt (ski out the ecc&etreaomg, ano put to tbem 

as mu:i) of tlje beS fobite Ufncger as u)all fuffuctbc qua* 

tite of 

I he arte ofhmming. rol ttij 

tite of t\)t fobices,leumg it fo tljt fpace of ttuo oaies,tf}cn 
paffe it tb Jougbc fome linnm clotfje tufttjottt peaking o.: 
beating tbefoblte of tbeegges leauinge ft fo tbe fpace of 
bitf.bapeSjtbenffraine it againeano put it in abiailmell 
fioppeD,to otcttpfefo;tbepurpofe$abouetu?ften. 


^f To temper golde or filuer wherewith you 
map incite toftfj a pen 05 painte fcutb gf 
a penceli. 

Ta&enueojfireleauejj of beaten goloe 0? flitter, ano Golde and 
grinoe t&em foell « finelp on a pamtero {tone tutllj a filuer. 
I{tlei)onnpe,tben put it into a giaffe toitb a qnantitie of 
fatre toater,* let tt fianoe one mgbte,tbcn D^ainetbe tea 
tee 1 tbe tjonnpe aft erfoaroe from tfee goioe , 1 put to tijie 
goloe gume matter , i tijen fojtte fottb ft,ano toben it is 
D^z burntty it mttb an ore f cotbe,alfo if pou grinoe pour 
leaues of goloe toitb glaire onelpemftbout bonnpe put* 
tfngtofrpoumapetoellfotfterberefoltb in aooing to it 
a little gume mater,f toitbpour goto tempereo in manoj 
aboueiaioepoumapeotapertoftb a fmall pen 03 penceli ~' a f. er * 
bppon colour* . gf pou tofll bupe at tbe poteearieo ttjetl 1 l, g „7-T 
goloe oj u)eliftluer,mftb rlje tobicb (being tempereo toitb and l hcl1 {l1 
gume matter ) pou map berge toell to?itc toitb a pen , 0? uer> 
painte toitb a penceli. 

^[To temper azure or byze. * 

/JUfnoe amre 02 bf?e on a painters flone tofrtj dene tua Azure or 

ter tljen put ft in a bjoaoe giaffe 0; in a bjoaoe u)ell, « Kghte blew'e 
mben ft batbftab a tobile all tbe ojrgges mill fleteaboue, for armes. 
ano all tbe clene coloure toillfall to tbe bot tome, then 
ponre out tbe mater toitb tbo ojegges,! put t\)t amre 
(n elene toater agafocSDben fiurre tbe coloure t tbe ma* 
fee cogotbecf let tt Cano j ftne,« after tbat poure out tbe 
mater t tbe ojegges agafne,ano Doe tbus bntf 11 it be toell 
purgeo % clar«KO,fo; tlje potecatie s minge cbalbe there 


This arte oflimmingt 

feitb to multfplie ft to tfesce profit, but rtjus you muffe oo 
to clartfir it to tfje fir 8 himt if ncoe tic, tfje ftjal pou grino 
tt again bppon a painters (tone feitb gummco toater,tb§ 
put it into a borne 03 a iljell,ano feben yon feill tojnc 03 
j»ainte,2Cben tfurre it feitb a ilicfce , $ let the ttiriu ojopu 
tiuo tlje pen,fo;t>evmclfon ttbis colour tolll fall to tbs 
feottome t (incite as leaoc. 

I£is falfe coloure,Cfeo parts ajure ano one of cercufe 
ano faODso umo t&e fame a?urs 0? teitl) blacfce incise , 0; 
feitb jnoebauDias. 

<5[HowetomaIce azure and bizefadder 
gf tbcp be of a ligbte coloure* 

.'T'^lte goob biefoe tourncfoll f feet it in gumme feaieK 
anbtbenfe3ing ft, ano feitb tbat fearer temper tbc 
ajure 03bpje , 0? eife £f -tboa fetu tbou maje feitb apen 
cell ojatoe feitb tbp tnrnef oil oner tfcc bi|e fe$en it is $m 
febetbet it be bfnet 0? imagery, 

•[[To temper Indebaudias. 

An Indian /j&moe inbebauofas on a painters Cone , feitb gums 
black*. feater,f put it in a (belt to feoffee feitb a!L 

Cl$8 falfe coloure,Cfeo partes jnoe,? ibe tbiroc pre 
febife leaoe 03 tcreufe ana (aeocD feifb tfce fame Jnfcc 03 
feitb fao Sn&c =?nDebauofas of it fslfe mafeetb a earhe f 
fan b!acfse,but being gtounDe feitb febite lease 03 cerettfa 
Browne ajg js gfgje Caioe it mabetb a b3ofene blefee. 

blew;. 1 

Blewe co- 

«]To temper fm'alte or florrey. , 

Sialic 03 flo3rep befng fempereB in a $eU feitb gfrme 
fearer maaetb a blefee,but not fo perfecte a colours 
as ajure 03 bf?e ectbe mafse.©je potlcaries boe put to it 
ofcf times fine fane 03 efjnl&e to multiplie it to tbeire p?o* 


7 be arte of Ihnmmg, Fo/.y. 

fit. SCberefoje in cbuftngof it tebt fljaf tuljicfj is bjfgbt 
of co!aur,ana not baru)e,but fofte toiftuene tbe fingers. 

«[[ To temper O rpyment or Mafticot » 
fojapellotoe. ' 

/'pHpnoe £D?fjpmenf anb gpafficot ttfy bp it felfe on a . o , . , 
^painters (tone tottb Quinine toatcr,f in grpnoinge t^^Jlr 
aooc to tbe spafftcot a title Saffron, ano tije colour toil mes 
bo ttje iiuelicr; ano toljen tljep be toel grouno,put tljem 
fcuerallp in u)ellcs to toojfce toitbal. 

®?ppment mat? be elapcb \niib Cbal&canb Dtmmeb, 
tfyat is to Cap, faobcr, o; oarfceo toitb £Dfeer be Jiuae, o? 
tottb B^otone of £>paine. 

. «^ To temper Vermelion. 

Q &pnoe taiermelton on a painters ffone, firff e bjpc, 
^ $ tbe oo fberto a litle glapje of eggea , t grtnoe it a* A y ermelio 
gatiic,bnft1l tlje b?igbtnefle be fo?oonne , Voiti) a litle of redde for 
tbe pelKe,anO let it ftano a oap o? moje, bntill it be toel awnes N 
ftmeo. 0n&to!icnttou ooft too?fectberctottb:»ffirreif 
toell togetber,ano if it be tbicfee as lpme> Doe a litle toa* 
tertberefo: anaifitu)allbaueanillfauour,tbenput 
into it tb?ee cbpues of Saffron, ano it toill fafec atoape 

l£is falfe colour,ftoo parts JKermelion, ano tbe tbirD 
parte Cerius, ano mingle tbem togetfjer , if tbon toilt, 
toifb tbe fame bermelion. '..::..: &\i j^ ^'^, r 

€[[ To temper Turnefoll* 

7lA£tfe Curnefoll once o* ttoife,in gooo tbinne glere Tumefoll. 

ano let it lye tberein bntfll it be toell ffeepco. SEben 
tojtnge it into a oifljcbntill tbe colour be gooo t fabbe. 
W.ity tf)is pou map flo?iu)e rebbe letters , o? bctturcs. 

'».*.. flno 

The arte oflimming. 

flno this colour u)alfcc cnetueo(tljat is to fap; oarltco 01 
rsooeo tuftb blacfee pnbc, 

^ts falfe co lour,ttoo partes SCurncfoll, t one of Gc* 
rius,ano it u)al be faooeo tottf) t|>e fame 2Durnefou\ 

^r To temper good Rofet. 
x> f i T^&e $e fineff f belle coloureo Stofef » ano grtnoe ft 

ft fo?tfj. Cljis colour map be elapeo foftb ttjat&e o ; €c« 
nus,anb faooeo tuft^ $tm felfe. 

•Jf To temper Brafill wherewith to 
fo?fte,flojiu)e,OKule boofees* j 

Brafill, T&be15in&l&M\y(truptti,op$tQttzlvbt6tttcpett\' 

oer, ano put thereto the glapjc of an egge , o? gum* 

metoater, ano a litle 01am maoe tn pouloer , ano iett 

tbem ffeepe a ntgbtano a oat?: ano tbett ffratne out tbe 

I iquo?,ano fceepe ft to tbe t>fe afojefaio, 

% To temper good Synapour. f 

Bloudy (y^mo ^>pnapeur Iafee,i Swnapour topes ecb bp bfm 
colour. felfe on a paint tr$ If one iuitb gooO glap?e.2Lbe put 

fbem tn fetteral u)elles,t iuojfee tjjiein fo?nj:anO ft n>p 
be too !tgbt,put to ti)tm a It tie Curncfoll. 

l^is falfe colour rtuo partes gwttapour , ano a f btrbe 
of Cerius , ano lape if on tbp tlUtnettes , ano foben ft is 
tszyz , faooe it iuitfj gooo £>£napour,anO Otaper ouer ft 

^ To temper redde Leade. * 

Redd Icadc (7ftpnoereooe3ieaoc foellfoifo gumme toafer , ano 
tben put ft in a u)ell t ano inben poutoosjfce tuftb it, 


The arte of limming, Fo.vL 

ffim It as pou oot flSermelion. 

jJDf tffis you fl&al make no falfe t olotJmt of blm felfe* 
mo faooe if totu) £>pnapour , oj foitt) gooo H&ofone of 
$>paine,o? foltb Itgbf blacker toitb SHermeltcn. 

^j" To temper blacke Lead e*# 
/JKtwoe foellblacfce lleaoe totttjgummefoaterona Crane co- 

paintcrs ffone , ano tfjen put it in a ujell to fooojfee lour * 
ioitbal. Ebts is a perfife Crane colour of it felfe » 

^[ To temper Browne of Spaine. . 

£,Uino gooo B^ofone hS gumme wafer on a painters 
tfone,t tofjcn tt to t>crp foel grouno put it into a fljel. , ™T 
^is falfe coto» tluo parts B?ofone,f ft)e tbtro part of c01 ° 

tuljttc Heaoe, i faooeo turn) § fame fao colo? of bjofone. 

^[To temper Okerde Luke & OkerdeRoufe, 

Sybidjuiakel^ofcme colours* 
Qiaer Oe iluBe,ano £)feer ae Koace u>al firffe be feue^ 
w raltp bjofcen in a bjafenmojfcr , t after grouno etfj poodce- 
bp tfm felfe on a painters ffone iuttb gumme wafer, i * ours tot 
mireotoitb a litle Chaise, ano eneteeooj faooeo tDtt& hcare * 
gooo £*er,oj i»ttb SB?ctone , eitber of tbem mafeetb a 
gooo colour tot beareon beaoes,o? on bearoes. 

<j[ To temper grecne By ze- 

'/ #bc greene Bpje fljat ts foff , ano not barfy hcttom Greene 

tbe fingers, fo^ if if be barfijeit is mtrte Uritb fanoc, £ Y2C> 
tubube tbe Hpotbecartcs oo bfc oftentimes to multiply 
it to tbetr gaine . 0no temper it in a u)eltottb gumme 
feratcr,ano it tuilbe perfite to toojuc tritballflno wben 
pou Ui?tte,ftirrc f bis colour as pou oo 3?ure,ano Waft) 
if , ano bzeflTe if in fojme afo?cfaioe : as pou ooe poure 
0?ure,befo?e pou grinbe it toftb gumme water. 

B.ij.- To 

The arte oflimming n 

«J]" "TotempcrVertgrefe 5 caHed 
&>pamfljc grccne. 

An ^ me —flue GHerrgrefe toell deanfeb ana pifeeb from bjoffe 
raud grccne r anD nwf e^na gnmbc « on a papnters ffone firtt 

tor arraes. 5^ ^ an0 ptlt; fl, cr£ ; t0 a \ it \ t of ^ ga n f a $cafe, f 

of ffjc icpcc of mm M itlj a title &afron,t bjape all tljcfe 
t ogctljcr on tbe fame Cone . 2Dben put it in a ijo?ne , 0? 
ajcil bnttl it be b?p. £nb M)tn pou toil otcupie it,tane 
part thereof anb grinbe it againe toitb toineger o* tier* 
g»0,o? toitij tbe piffe of a pong cbilbe, euerp of f bem ba*» 
Uinge gtimme £rabi&e biCfolueo in f bem. 

Li<^ht grene &* fato roiour ttuo parieo,gcob grccne, f tbe fbirb 
of €criu0,ano feoaeo toitb a goon grccne , anb ptaper 
oner ft torn) SHennisi Cerlus. , 

^r To temper Safron,, 

Saffron. £2ueepe &afron in gooa glap?e,anb fo toojfee if fo?fbe 
i& a fmal pefel.#no' if tbon ioUt thou maiff encfo it \& 
ffooo Jmermciicn, feiiib §>afrcn alfo pou may tmtec 0? 
fl oriu) oner letters^? anp otber t&ing tbon tbiit*] 

5[ To temper Vermis Cerius, 
anb tofjite&eaDc. 
A pure whit (j iJtnibe Cerfus, c? iubifc ILe a&e, tifycbp bun felfe on 
for amies. a painters ttoncUrity c?eare toater , ana tbcrciyitb 
tljou fliattbiapcr anb flojifije abo.ue all tfjp colour* fcitb 
a porfclour maoe of a fmall pcnfcll . SlnWfyte cslour is 
tempe'reo oil? lp Uiitb' ioater , oz isstb femtcr' ligfjtlp cba* 
fiicteltntbguiitme, fo? crepitans afroaealoiber cotoja 

A Sable or ^ ^° ma ^ c a ^ umc blacks called Sable. 

blacke for np fflwa eleane ILat tin&afen , ano bolbea fjurnpnge 

armes. 1 toicijs tuioer tt,1mfft f be boitomc feefelacfce: anb tbe 

. , ■ ' laisg 

K lhe arteoflimming. FoLyij 

taktof f&at Macfee, ami temper ft toity glap?e , o* toit^ 
gumme toatcr 3 anofo too j&etoitb it. * 

^r To make an excellent blacke 

T^ae partes bo*ne,ano buvmit to cole on a Coliars A velun 
1 ijartb>tljen make fine potooerftjereof, ano grinoeit biackc. 
on a painters ftone,toltl) tbe gal of a $eafe. Ctjen put 
it in a u)el to o?fe in a ujaoofcp place, ano tobe pou toil 
occuppe tbe fame,grpnoe parte thereof againe toity tlje 
glap?e,o* toitb gumme toater i ano too^ac it fojttje, 

5f To make ablacke colour, or an ynke 

of agooo perfemomtotjeretottlj pou map 

Incite toitfy a penne o? peufel. 

I'M* a pounoe anoa balfc of ra^ne toater > toitl) tfj?ee B ] acJc vnfeCi 

tmees of tbe toaigbfulf galles pou can gette . 2B?ufc y 
tljem in final pieces, ano poure tbctn info tlje fatoe toa> 
ter,ano fo let it llano ttoo oaies in tlje funne, SEfjen put 
to it ttoo tomes of grecne Copo jas , cj els of Koniapne 
JUif rial,fefeicbe is befi e,tocll coloured ano beaten final: 
ano if irte al tbefctogefber Kbit) a GfcUe of barO tooooe, 
ano let it ffanoe againe ttooo sales modern tlje funne, 
pufftngc to it one unce of gumme 8rabilse,tt)af is clere 
ano b?igtjt, ano beaten in psulaer, ano one toice of tlje 
peeles of pomegranaoes , ano tben topic al a Ufleon a 
fiotoe fire. SEbat oonne,ffraine if,ano keepe if in a oef<* 
fell of leaoe oj of glaffe , ano it toill be buy blacke ano 
pcifife gcoo pnfee. $noffpoufincciffbicBC,anotljatit 
bee not fiotoinge penougbc , putt fo it a litle cleare Ipe, 
tobitfje toill make it lujuioe ano f binne* Stno if it be too 
cleare, aooe to it a litle gumme ilrabiRe.^no fo banc 
pour pnue to conn nuc longe,ano not f o ba?e,put tfjerc* 
in bap falte ♦ jpote f bat tbe galles muff be final curleo, WotJU 
IB-itf. ano 

C I he arte of limming , 

aitD maultae winjin, it tbcp be gooo . 2Ctjc gooo Slit rial! 
is alwai:s Winjin ,of a colo? like nje element . SCfie bctt 
gumme is cleare j brittle, in ftampinge it becorn* 
tncnj puloer eafilp, wtttjout cleaning together, 
N ota &bus is taugbte tbe Wape boWe to temper <E?outoe, 

£>piucr,anb Colours to Ipmmco? to tojtte lemjatl opo 
t)elpm>parcbemef,oj paper.&bat is to fap,33ermelion, 
2Durnefotl,£>pnapour,ano &affron>Wittj gooo glap?e. 
©pfc luit b glapje cbafliceo winj a portion of Water, &> 
$ure,15p$e,grecne I5{?j e,reb i,eaoe,rofet £>malt,blacn 
ieaoc 3 )0 v ;cU}}ie,^!5er,£D^piPiHcnt 3 ^allicot,anl!3nDe# 
baubias Wittj gumnte tatter, QUerfgrcfe Winj btneger, 
nergps , o ? toitb tbe piffe of a pongc cb tloe , Ccrius ano 
\xSgitz Heaoe , toitb cleare water , o? toitb toatcr ligbtlp 
gummeD,)i3£a(tl, anb if ume blacae tuitb glapje , o? US 
gumme Wafer, Wblcb pou njinfee beff fo? pour purpofe. 
Nota. jaifo tbere is an oftjer wap Wbicb is bfeo amongeft § 
erccllent fojt of paint ers,njat ts,to grino ? teper at co* 
lojs fo? Itmmt'ngCfam'ng fueb as betubite)6rft isj f> gall 
of a iSeafe,$ njen let tbe b?p, f after lube pou toil Wojr 
f bem.tahe part tbercf, f grins it againe ts5 glapjcoj i6 
gumme toafc r, as tbe colour rccjuirefb, ano fo Wo?i*c if 
fojnj. 3it is feft,$at wafer inllctb ? baruenenj g" hiit$t* 
ncs of inofi co!o?s tijat bcfcinpercb fbertuinj . Wuttyis 
gal pjefcruenj § b;tgt)tnes , $ niafeetb tl)i mojc ituclier 
fo beboloe;wbicb t 'ping erpcriencc Wil teac'j pou moje 
Nota. $ofe f al colours to limine oj fo toiife winjal fijoulo 

ncuer be temptress wffb ans> t»mD of ople,fo? oiles ferue 
matt aptlp fo? to fepcr colojs to lap tspon Rone,f:ml'cr, 
won,lea&,coper,f fucb liue.0na oplc of 2ifnfeeb>wbfcb 
is calleo flare feeo, « oplc of Walnuts arc meS fcfeb, i be 
moa befc of al onjer oples fo? tbe fame purpofe. 

<3lfo al colons to limine oj to.Jifc Witbal &be $*1? i& 
t cpcrcbjfeculo be put in fljctles, in tieffels of ttone,leao 
o? of glare, <ri*cpf fcnoer p gronnoe in fome feller,o? in 


The arte of limmmge. Fo^ w 

feme moptf o? fyiootop plaee,fo? taping ouer fall : ana 
f clDer tfjep beffce better tjjep be,if tt)<p be kept couereo 
from nitt) i Duff. 0tto note £ ttjerc is great regard to be 
gmo to $ toel grtnotng I fepfeng o? tije colours*! to fjte 
placing of t&em fcpon tyz toojke* . 

^r The maner how to florifhe or diaper 
font?) a penfei ouer filaer s? gouloe* 

J JF pou tort Diaper oner goto, tnht pclloto £>ker,f tfjcr 
toitfj D?ato oner tfjp golo iotti) a penfei tuljaf tljou fcilfc 
3lf tljou toflf Diaper bpo uluer 3 fake Ceriusi6 a penfei 
and Djato o? flojiOj to&at tftou toilt ouer tfjp .fitaer. 

3f tfjou toitt Diaper toitl) gonlD o.: fitluer fopon colony 
take tfje iopce of garlike , tuttf) a penfei Djatoe ouer flip 
colours toijat tftou tot It. 2C|»n take an?lap tfje golD up* 
on tf,ano pjeffe it Dotone fig* tip toiti) an flares taple,f 
let it d?p fcalfe a Dap o j mo?e . 2Elicn rubbc of tbe golDe 
to&tcjj cleuefb not to tbe garlike. 

^[ Thewaieshoweto make fundry 
kinoes of colours bp tempering $ 
mingling of colons together, 
J jFpoutoill temper £jare toin) SCurnefoIUnD grmDe Purple 

tfjem together on a painters ffone toil!) gnrnme toa> Violet . 
tcr o: glap?e,pou fljal make thereof a pernt purple oj a 1 our for 
SHiolet colour. flno the like colour pou mapt make toitb *"««• 
gooD reooe ftofet>if ft be mingleo Mt\> J3?urc , f fempe* 
reo toif ft gumme toater in maner afojefaioe. 

3lf fbou mit put to a goes quantity of &f>napotif a a It* Sangufoe, 
tie portion of blacker grtnaetljcm together 16 glapje, or Murrey 
pou J^al make tfjerof a Sanguine, o? a S©urrep colour. 5° rarmes * 

35f pou toill mingle a bright reDDe toitlj a bright pel* ° ren § e f 
lotoe, ano grinDe tbem together toith glap?e , pou tyall ta ™ e ? for 
hauet&ereofantongetatoitep, armes ' 

3f pou mf ngle reDDe Heao a no ^afficot f ogetfter,pou „ J v on taw * 
tyalbattethereofafcpontafemep. ney * 



The arte oflimming. 

r . 3,$ pott toil mafec i ntamaf ions fo; tofagcs,cj a fieu> 
'" j a J"f !°, n *P "lour fo? images, wife lap on ffje tofjite,ano r ncto 
,.| m y it toitfj t)ermelion,p? els fane ttoo partes of SUermeiion 

ano oneof Cercufe, ano mingle tijem together , ano fo 
lape if on tljp too;me,ano enetoe it if tfjou toilt , tofjen it 
is o?p toitfj gooo Elcrmejion. 
Peach color illfe if pou mingle iHermelfon toitfj Ccreufc,bg oif* 
crefion pou map mane thereof a peactjc floto^e colour* 
Sky colour. #lfo.6p mingling GHermetton ano fljure f ogctfjer,bp 

Bifcref ion pou map mafee tfjereof a £>fcpe colour. 

Blonde red 3t*pou toill mafee a blouee reooe,tafce of tfje btU &>p# 

' napour,ano faooe it at f fje Goes toitfj l&jtibme, o? a»er< 

mclion,o? toitfj blaefee. 

Lmcolne gf pou mingltLgooo greene ano &>afronfogetljer, bp 

grecne. oifcretion pou ujall fjaue tfjereof a pcrfitfe iitneoine- 

Popjniay 3if pou mingle 9 jure ano spafticof togcffjer,pon u)al 
greene. fjauetijereofapernfepopiniap greene. 
Motley gf y m nitttgle reo toitfj greener ou u)al make tfjere* 
greene. of a spotlep greene. 

Bkcke vc- gf pou toil make a blaefee fcefrurcfafee ano tapefirffe 
fture. a cfjampe of ligfjf tlacKe mingled toitfj toljife llcaoe , i 

faOOeO toitfj gooo blacfec. 
Marble or 3if pou toil mingle blaefee toitfj a portion of tofjt'fe,pcn 
ashe colour. ma V m ^ c tfjereof a garble, o? an 3u)e colour at pour 

' Oifcretion. 
RulTet or 3|f pou toill mingle a litle pojfto of toljtte toitfj a gooo 
f add brown qttatittft'e of reooe,pou map mafee tljereof a SKuffef, o?a 
faooe li5?otone,at pour oifcretion. 
Sfjus bp minglinge of colours, pou map niafee tbem 
N ota. of fa no?ieeolours, ano bp p?oufe pou maie come fo tlje 
perfife fenotoleOge 3 fjotoe to mafee tgem on tlje beffe 


7be arte of limmmg, FoJx* 

C jfcofe furtl) ermoje tbaf therm a certeai colouring 
lu^ic^ is calieo Slerntr tbat 10 mo*e nobk ami erceiict Nota- 
tion all otljer colottr&anD fo mud) ttje moje erallent 
fit tiiat tt is fet aboue all colours, 3no as a;c Dave becu ; 
mctb mo:e ligbt ana bjtgljter lip tbe Cjuiuig of f fcnne 
euen fo all colours that are bernifbeD >o fijitue furtb a 
better gloffe 01 letter >anD become mo^e bzigbfer fap t^e 
l^pntng of tlj? fame. 4m it i$ m&oe in maner 1 fojirie 

To make akyndcof colouring called Vcrnix 

tobcretaitb pou map fcrrmflje goioe,fif uer? 0? arp 

ottjt r colour 0? papttttngr* r bc tt bpon be* 

Ipsn, paper , tpmfoer , ftone, lease, 

copper^glaffe $c* 

I t\)ct\ put it in a bpall 1 pofoer bpon it goob 3qua* 
uife ffjat it be .about tJje Bengelvpne tbjee o? foure 
fpngcrs,an£* let if ikepe foa Dap oj tti o.SOjen put fo it 
fojbalfeiibpoUoffucb 0q^auite, fptieo?fire cbpues 
of saffron Qc nfcerlp flUmpcD. 2Cbis mm flrapne it y f 
tottb a pence I berntflj tlieriiutii anp tiling giltcb Ivfykl) 
iuiil become bjigbtj fgpr insuring it fclfe immeWat* 
Ipr^ ti3tl ranttnue tbc Mgbfnes ntanp pcres,15uf 
if pou tmllbrrm$r en siluer.tljen tafic tbe almon of 
3i5engetupne 5 tijat is to fape t be tubite tljaf is founDe in 
tbemiDDeGofi5engrtopne,an3 Ojcffetf toifb £quaui* 
tt in tbe fo?efato maner , leaning out tbe Saffron* #nb 
t\)t faioe bermibe mase toitb ^engetupne t 0quauite 
onelp is berp gooD to bermfge all tljinges affeel papn> n 
fed as not painted, foj tt mafcetb tables % coffers of teal 
nntfree f bebenp to glitter if it be laiae bpon tbeii^ano 
all otber Ipbe tbinges, as iuoo:fces of Jron, copper oj 
tpnne,giltcO 0: not giltebyfo? it mafcetb bjigbt, p:efer> 
uet!j>ap&ctb tl;e colour 1 bjpetb incontinent foptbout 

€A* taking.. 

The arte oflimming. 

taking any butt <ti fpltb, pou map make it cleane fopf fe 
a Ipnncn clotb,o? toitl) topping t$e toojke toitt) a iforc 
taple tbe tobitb is better. 

To make vernix another way for the purpofes 

T0keftoobnc£of barbemaffikeanb damp iU* puff 
it into a title nctoe pot,ano To melt it on a Toft fire, 
tbis Done, put to it one bnce of tbe ople of a ipprre 
free, anofo let tbembople a little eucrmoje ftirrtnge 
t\)tm t ogetber,but let it bople almoft nothing, fo j if it 
bople too mucb tbe bcrniu) toilbcefoo clammp, anb to 
fcnotoe toben itis bopleo pnougb, put info it a bennes 
fetbcr,f tfitburne bpfbp,tt is a ugnetbat it to jafecf, 
SDben take it from tltt fpje, $ put it tnfo a ffone pott, $ 
fecpe it tocll from Daft : ana toben pou toill occuppc if, 
fake fo mucb tlseref as toill feme pour tourne, i beat if 
a Iptle at flje fp?e,tben fp?eab it bpon pour tooojk to" a 
pencel as tbtn as Pou map, $ it n)all baue a berpc fairs 
gloUe o? lnffer,t if toill ojp incontinent if pou fyal fttf 
if in tbe fonne. 

«[jTo make colours of allkynd of 
yftke a beabe of CftfiffaU o % a paragon ffones beat e 
ccbe of tbcm hp (jim felfe in a b?afen mojfer to fpne 
pouloer, tb'engrpnoe fbemo^pe erijebp bun felfe on a 
painters ttone biitill tbe pouloer be berp fpne f fmall, 
fben grpnoe f bem again on t\)z fame ffone erb bp f^ym 
felfe toitb goos glapje ana lap fomc one of tbem on tfyt 
tooo?ke toptt) a penne 02 a pcrtcell, anb toben it is toell 
o^peo,fben rub it oucr toptt) goloe, 0? tojfb anpe otber 
mettall , ano pou u)all baue tbe fame colour tbattbe 


1'be arte of lirnming, Fo.x, 

- tflTo make letters of the colour of gould 

TMcom tmecof £D:ppmenf and one bnce of fpne 
Cfteifiall , ana beate eebe oftbembp bunfelfcto 
poulaer m a fejtafen mo^ter.UCben grpnoe t\yzm toel to* 
gcfber fcsptb glapjebponapapntersftone, then it ps 
perfect to iy?ite foritbaUY 


e[To make letters of the colour of filuer 

Tflheanbnceof rpnne,ttoo bntesof qukfee filuer* 
ana melt tbein together , tben grpnoe tbem foell 
on a papntersftoiiei»ptbgmnme fcjater, an& iujpfs 

«flTo make white letters in a blacke 

Tflfee tfjc pelfee of a netue lapoe eggc ana ;grpnbc if 
bpen a papnters Hone fontb faire mater, fo as pou 
map toell tujite ioitb it out of a penne , am teben pou 
haue fo Done , pou map tottlj- tfjc fame iiquo? o^atee oj. 
rnnte Icttl) a penne great oj fmail letter tjpon paper o? 
parcbemct,ano tuben tbep be o?p, tljen map pou fenn) 
3nbc blach ouer tije letters anb paper fo murlje as pou 
ftjall tbinfc gooO- Hno toben tbc trtacfee is tfcougi) D?pe 
tbeu mapepou tottf) a iubife inollcn clotije o? a fonpfe 
rubbeof all tbefatoe letters wjttfcn tritbtbc pelfeoof 
flbcegge,anb tl)m tfjc letters bnberneatb foillapeare 
all tubtte.beeaufe tbep foere pjeferueb trttij the fatoc U* 
quo;: ©otbat fou IfcaU bane fairciufeite letters in a 

«J[To make ftaunchf graine, or a poulder to 
amenoe tbe parcbement ano to 

The arte cflimming* 

*J*afec ttoo partes of rofen i one parte of allome \ ant) 
beat ecfje of fJjem bp tjtm felfe in a bjafen mooter all 
iopofarter,! put tije fame po&oers togeatfjer in a fpne 
ipnnen ctotlje } rub pour foellpm, parctjement o? paper 
tbertoitb toljen pou begin to Ui^itc- flno toljen tije tojt* 
tmg 16 Ojre,pbu map rub it ouer agatne tott& a to&pte 
toollen dot^anD tbc letters toflbe neuec tlje too;fe, but 
mow fap^er $ b#gj)ter to fee to* 

^[To rencwe olde & worne letters, 

T&Ut of p beft galles pou can get i bjufe tfymx grofip 
ttjen lap tljem to fteepe one oap in good tobpte tome 
%M* oone otftitt toem toitb ttje topue, ano toitij t&e m> 
ttilleo toater tliar eommetij of ti>em,pou Ojal toet ifm* 
fomtp t^e oioe letters Mil) a Itctie cotton oz a final! pe* 
cel,t ttjep toiii $e toe freflje t netoe again \n fuclje topfe 
a0 pou map eafelp reaoe tlje iu • • 

^jTo take greafe out ofparchement or paper. 

TT^he fijepes burres % burne tljrm to pou&er ants lape 
t!je fatDe pouatr on bpf !;e fp&es t^e parctjemrt oj pa* 
per bettoenr ttoo paper bourses I p?cffr t^trn bp f> fpace 
of ttoo ts spes 0? mo;e,anD tf totU ojpc I fcUe cut all t!;c 

^|To make red andgrccne fcalingwaxc* 

}A€\t a pmm of to ire fitootmcC of turprntpnefoge* 
tfirr^t tofjen tbep be todl molten, tafce tt)em from §■ 
fine * put to tljein m toner of Vermilion tofetl? it is lube 
inarmed ftrrrett tocHto^rt^er tn tiiefeeitng.ano tben 
tmkv it Win rotole^ana in Uhe maner i^al pou ma&e 
green e Uiare bv putting Witvtqn k into it jl^ote tf pou 
imiltafeetnpartcsofrofpn? one parte pfturpenfpne, 
at^mg to it m crmilt6,as is afojefapo tt mafcetD p better, 

7 he arte oflimming, Fol xj 

^I A pre tie deuife to tjke out the true forme & 

pjopo jcton of anp letter, hmti* flotoer,3!mage oj 

otljer too?fce.ii5e it pjinf eMjatoeu lu a pen 

ox pencell bpon paper o; parchment 'm 

out rating, blotting o? ljurtuig 


ture ttfeife. 

T0fce opie^o: otbcr luour* tbat make fmofce f burn 
ttjem tn a lampe^en bolae ouer tije lamp a Gjeete 
of cleane paper,* blacfte as much of itje fame Ipgbtlpc 
aa toil rcccaue tbe fut pio^oKion of ttje toojfce tbat pon 
do meant to take our, tbat cone lap tbe blacfeeD paper 
tonoer tbe backe fps : ot tbe too*&e,*tbe blacfeeD fpDe fop> 
toaroe, laying a tbpn tobtte paper bettoeene ttje toojke 
t itran twiti) a (mail penceii made offjaroe toooo o: of 
bonepou flfeallDjatoeltgtjttp ouertbejletters^fenott, oj 
toojke toijtrtj pou oefire to tafce out, p?rffing it foftelpe, 
JOjua Doing pc fyal fee tbe toerp fojme t p?opo?cton of 
tbe fame toojke remaining on tije ttyin tobite paper* 
JiCtj^n toitij a Tmall pen t pnfee, pou map trace % D?atoe 
ouer tbe tooojfeeremaimngeon tbetotjtte paper, tbat 
Done,ti)e pnfee toill fett owttfje fcerp pjmt f fozme of p 
toojkei as farre as pou toucbeb tbe fame tottb pour pe> 
ceil >m euerp ^pouton^ou map alfo fo: tbe fame pur* 
pQfc(tuieeoebee)Matfteoucr pour paper tottb tbelepe 
of a fcanole o? of a Ipnhe^o? of a neto to?cbe> o? fud) like 
tobicb ts a berp reop toap anD a perfect. 

^[Another pretie deuife to take out the true 
fo?meanop:opcKtonofanpflotoer , 

T3he a clcne ano thin lartfcrne fjojne , % Lip it bpon 
tbeietter^mage-ojotbcrtooo^c tbatHjcu topltc 
tabe out,anD it unll appeare tb?ougb ti)t bojne, fo 
astboumapftDjatoetottbafmallpen fcpontjje bo?nc 

C ij> all 

z l he arte of limmlng , 

alltbe pjopozcfon bftlje tuoojftcat ffjtne ofone pica* 
furccucn as ttjou lutt.J3no Uiben fbau baft ojatnne it 
all out, tl)tnktit o?pebppont&ebo;memtbefumir, 
ano fobsn it is tbjtougb o?pe,tben bjeatb bpon tf f fopfe 
D?t^fe,anDri)£ii lapeitDotynebpontbpboofte. &m 
fljen p?eCTe it Dolnne (fbe letters being nert tlje paper) 
toitt) a ipnncn clotbe, ana tfje fame tetters o? iao?h fljal 
rematnebpon tfye paper taibtcbe tbou oioft ojaUiebpcn 
tlje Jjo?ne,t{jen Oja&se tf faireagalnc tettb blarisc 3nfte. 
«fl I£ere bane 3 fauglji pou (befpoes tbe f emperingc of 
gouloe,of filucr,ano of colours JOpuers fbinger^berpe 
meefeanonecelTaricto be bnotonefo papntrrstferi* 
ueners. flno notoe Uitll 3! ref?earfe b^tefeipe all f bat 3j 
haue tu?itfen before foucijing Ipmmtng. Jf irft ojato 
ttjp mite toil b a pencell of blaebe leao, ano iben tuttb 
penne ano Blnfte. 2nijen lap tbp fpfes foj tbp goulo ano 
filuer.SDben tngroffetijemtupttj au)arpcfenpfe, t^cn 
iuef tbcm ouer ligbtlp tain) tbp pemell r tben bring Djp 
feurntu) it fojift) a tootb-2Lbcu inettbp fife again ligbtip 
Sbentoucbtbpgouloanolapfberon . 2Ct?en pjeiFe it 
ligbtlp Voitt) an $ares tailc,tben let it o;fe ^ tben bur* 
nity it tuitfta toon), tben rubbe it tuitb A fobite foeilcn 
clotfj o? an l^ares feotc bntill all go of , but ty&t&W% 
cleueibbnfoibeuje. Sben lay iljp colours: Jfiittfbp 
falfe colours ano after tbp faoo,f ben purf le tfam about 
tbe floes toitb blacfee Jnke.tben mapft tbou Diaper 
tbcm ouer tuitb tobpte celoute ittltou imtte, 
tben berriiKje tbemouer tuptb goob 
olo glap?c,i tben bate tijou bone 
aUtbatsbelongetb folpm* 
mpng. Jfmiujcb 
8n bominf 



«[[The names ofallfuche colours & other 
t$mg0,as are mettdoneo i rant apnea far tljts 

< prefct boo^c oflymm ingydnddYcfor the mafic 
parte to befol&e at tye p oticanetf, 


Shell goulde 
Shell finer* 

SmdltfloYYey % 
SinapoY lah^e 
Sinapot topids 
lied lead, 
BUcke ledd. 

Browne ofSpdyne 

Okjr de lube, 

Greene by7 x e< 



Vcnnys Cerins 

White leade 

Fume blacky 


HdYtes h6rnc*Gip-> 


Greene copords 
Rcmdync yytrioll 






Vcmegdmdrd pill\ 





Tlayfier of dn olde 

Touldcr of white 


Whytes ofegges ofegges* 
Cowes mylkg 
Ewes milks* 

Trfilkc ofgreene 

Tvlylke of [purge 

luce ofgdYlyke & 

ofOnyon heads, 
luce of Hewe 
luce of red nettle* 
White Vtncger. 
Chyldes pijfe 
Oyles dndUquors 

that mdkefmokf. 
Glouers fhredes and 

fhredes of nevee 

Water& geafeof 

fnaylcs* Glue 

Oyle oflynfecde 
Oyle of walnut tes 


A table of fuche thinges as be 
contapneD in tl)tg p^tcfcnt bocfce* 

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Co trfifcc a grcunbe g>abte. eotf 

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Co make game frater to tepcr rttbe &itb a pencel.ouer soil?, 
colour0 tottij all eoti ftiu cr oj colours 8 

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tl)tm coS ceiIcD'btttit> <ic* 9 

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Smflj pou mm>e fc#ite j& a pm of mettals eoS 

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Co temper S^ure 0: bpse eel) of ro!be^ft!)out gold. 10 
Do^ctp mat&S^are&n&bp?? Co mabc letters of ti?e tei€-t?re 
fofcoer s darker if t!?ep bee of of ipluer foitfyout fslaer c63 
. itgbt colour. cc8 CotutfecSitl>«t£Ucrj5.Snab?ali 

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Co temper ron3& col5 Co mar&e ftnund>e grainc c? a 

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fojtapeiloto s WtU,f coucciue^i^e. eeg 

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Co temper nm;foU " ec*d ftISi ^ ? 5 

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^otcrooerbiafyU frberfoityto f paper. ccS 

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Co temper aoch^impo} cofi ^a^e. ec8 

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Co temper stenr bf $e. foU mafene >» a pen 0? pencil bpo 
Co tepcr t?ei tgvcfe caik^ j£»pa- paper J par cftcn; erit A cut ra= 
ntibcareene eo8 fpnge, blottinge o^urtmg t!)c 

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Co temper 11 en-pcc-Cerm** fo. .» 

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